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Upper West Side Building Finally Getting Its Condo Conversion

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The Park Columbus, the 1980s rental building at 101 West 87th Street, has taken many twists and turns in its journey toward becoming a condo. It was owned by bucket-swinging developer Yair Levy, whose attempt to give the building a makeover stalled amid construction troubles. Then there were rumors of a foreclosure auction and bankruptcy court. But now, at last, all appears to be well: the building's condo conversion (helmed by Bazbaz Development, the team behind the new Warren Lofts project at 37 Warren) is far enough along that there's a teaser website live! The conversion's 60 one- to four-bedroom units should hit the market this fall, though we have no word on pricing yet.

As the above entrance rendering shows, the base of the building is changing to something stone-clad, with bronze for the canopies, windows, and doors. Up top, there's some new construction, too. Amenities include a courtyard garden, lounge, playroom, gym, and sky terrace.

Here's the screengrabbed (hence the crookedness) rendering from the teaser site:

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