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Bed-Stuy Factory Now an Artist Commune With Lots of Kids

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During the GO Brooklyn open studio event this past weekend, DNAinfo stumbled into the "platonic ideal of Brooklyn gentrification." Located on Atlantic Avenue in Bed-Stuy, this magical enclave is an old candle factory that's been turned into an artist community where everybody shares everything, even parenting responsibilities. The article doesn't give many specifics on the actual building, like how many units there are or who owns it or even the address, but it notes that there are about 150 residents, including kids ranging from two to 14-years-old. The residents are currently in the process of securing residential zoning, something they hope to have by year's end.

But what the article does detail is how this is a pretty sweet place to live if you're a kid, mainly because of the giant backyard. "A secret garden, tucked away from the tumult of Atlantic Avenue, almost Eden-like in its idyll. Children ran free, unfettered by many of the anxieties of urban parenting." Sounds like a helicopter parent's worst nightmare.
· Brooklyn Kibbutz Glows in Former Candle Factory [DNAinfo]
Photo of the commune yard via DNAinfo/Sonja Sharp