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NYC's Second Hottest Broker Buys Jared Seligman's Place

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Curbediverses collided this morning as 2008 Broker of the Year Jared "Lil' Shvo" Seligman sold his Greenwich Village apartment to 2012 Hottest Broker runner up Evan Danzig. The collision smelled like Ed Hardy brand cologne. Seligman, if you can't remember as far back as 2008, is the broker-to-the-stars who listed the Olsen twins' One Morton Square apartment (he was unable to sell it, however), and does all his business via BlackBerry Messenger. He bought a 184 Thompson Street apartment in 2007 for $857,756, decorated it with a zebra print rug, and was quickly voted onto the building's condo board. He has since listed it as a rental a few times, starting at $3,895 and eventually pricechopping it down to $3,500. Evan hot. We know less about him than we do about Seligman, but we imagine that his negotiation tactics mostly involve staring, crossed arms, and pursed lips. He just bought the apartment for $937,400. No word yet on whether he plans to run for the board.
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