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Inside the Still-in-Progress 4 World Trade Center

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[All photos by Will Femia.]

The big headline of the 9/11 anniversary is that construction will resume at last on the September 11 museum, which has been stalled while the parties involved in the construction?lookin' at you, Port Authority, governors of New York and New Jersey, and Mayor Bloomberg?disagreed over site control and costs. Construction will resume next week, according to the agreement, and work in progress is the theme of the entire World Trade Center site at the moment. Developer Larry Silverstein invited the press inside the recently topped-out 4 World Trade Center late last week, and photographer Will Femia emerged with lots of new looks inside, which we've collected in the gallery above. The building is set to open in fall 2013.
As for the rest of the WTC site, Earthcam has put together a cool timelapse video of construction progress. And today is a day for updates, like this Associated Press recap, on all the other buildings' construction timelines. One World Trade Center will open in 2014, and 3 World Trade Center is likely to open in 2015 or 2016. The transportation hub is expected to open in 2015. In the meantime, here's a look in photos at what's going on throughout the site beyond 4 WTC:

[Photos by Will Femia.]

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