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Artist's UES Studio Ceiling Will Soon Replicate Sistine Chapel

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Artist Alex Gardega's plan to paint the Sistine Chapel murals on his apartment ceiling in just two months has been interrupted by pesky money-making commercial jobs, but he's not giving up yet. Gardega emailed us with an update, saying that the mural has become a literal labor of love, giving him chronic neck and back pain that keeps him up at night (we guess Michelangelo's lay-on-your-back scaffolding wouldn't really work in an Upper East Side studio.) The mural is halfway complete, but because it's taking longer than expected, Gardega has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $7,500 he needs to finish it.

"I have worked months and months and months on this, and it will be devastating if I dont finish before I move," says Gardega. "I even went to Rome just to make notes on the real thing for this." Gardega hopes that his landlord will keep the muralled ceiling and rent the apartment to someone who appreciates the artwork. "[I hope] it becomes a very minor NYC landmark that lives on."

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