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Jarumulowsky Bank Finally Making a Comeback on Canal

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The landmarks committee for Manhattan Community Board 3 gave its stamp of approval for plans to restore the long-vacant and landmarked Jarmulowsky Bank Building at 54 Canal Street. The building is a century old, but looking a little older recently as it has stood vacant for years, not helping its condition any. A few years ago, the original clock over the building's main entrance was stolen by a determined thief, who ripped it right out of the facade. Last night preservation consultants explained how they planned to restore the main floor's double-height status by removing a floor slab, repair terra cotta ornamentation and replace the cornice, and replace or restore doors and windows to original condition in its likely transformation into a hotel at Canal and Orchard.

The renovation will also include the addition of some habitable rooftop space and the consolidation of mechanical equipment that will lower the overall height of the building. CB3's landmarks committee voted unanimously in approval, but noted that they'd like to see the now-absent cupola at the roofline reconstructed—not something the current owners have planned. One thing they will be restoring: that stolen clock.
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