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Comment of the Day

"Yeah, nice place for sure, but no legit subway for at least 15 blocks (G train to no where means nothing) and (F train that shuts down 85% of the time for "work") are not reasonable selling points. Furthermore, its not near the water (or maybe it is if you consider the Gowanus water). As for appreciation, there is no meat on the bone for any buyer to grow into the space since this will certainly never be $4.5m or even $5m house in the future. Commenters can talk all they want about how nice the house is, which it is, but for anyone that can really understand the numbers here, it's massively overpriced. If they wanted to ask $3.2m fine and even then its still top of the market. Based on the current asking price of $4,099,000 that has "seller priced" written all over it. I have to imagine the broker advised something like $3.895 or $3.995 just to get it into the 3's, which would have been a better start."?anon [Carroll Gardens' Priciest Townhouse Listed for $4 Million]