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Jersey City's High Line Blocked by Lawsuit on Tracks

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Plans to turn a stretch of an old elevated rail line in Jersey City into a Jersey High Line hav been brought to a halt by claims that all development along railways in that city may be invalid. In what is being characterized as a delaying tactic meant to generate leverage in legal negotiations, real estate investor Steve Hyman has filed briefs questioning the legality of all development along the city's rail lines, claiming that lots of land has clouded titles, according to The Wall Street Journal. In 2003, Hyman purchased the Sixth Street Embankment from Conrail for $3 million with a plan to level and develop the corridor. Viewing the success of the High Line in Manhattan, however, community activists and Jersey City sought to invalidate the sale, hoping they could retain the embankment and get their own copycat park. Hyman's latest filings arrive as park proponents figured they were on the verge of a productive settlement between the city, Hyman, and Conrail. With Hyman now questioning the legality of all railway-adjacent development in Jersey City into question, it looks like a Garden State High Line will have to wait.
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