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Prices Sliced at Luxury Upper East Side Conversion The Mark

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Two of the early buyers at The Mark, the Upper East Side's Plaza-esque luxury hotel renovation and partial conversion, were unhappy with their purchases. Unhappy enough to take the building to court, which has resulted in some not-so-good press. (Two of the building's units did close in that first sales round.) And even though the building's residential units returned to market earlier this year, none have gone into contract yet. So it's time for a call to the PriceChopper. Six of the seven units for sale at The Mark have seen recent price cuts, with just that $60 million penthouse staying strong at its original price. The chops are relatively small?most around 10 percent?with the largest a 17 percent, $2 million discount on unit #1503. The average ask is now $4,472/square foot. That's one of the PriceChopped units, the "tower suite" #1501, in the gallery above.

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The Mark Hotel

25 E 77th St, New York, NY 11101