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Big Reveal: $1.15M for a 2BR Condo on a Courtyard in Nolita

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A very accurate performance by Curbed Pricespotter players this week, when judged as a group. The median guess was $1.1 million for the 2BR/1BA condo condo at 14 Prince Street, whose actual ask is $1.15 million. The mean guess was the same as the median after rounding. Not to say everyone was happy about it. A few of you thought a $999K price would be "a crime" and that it seemed more like a one bedroom converted to two. Then there was this anonymous commenter:

A condo of this size should have a RE tax of about $450 month. That , plus the $806 maintenance give you a monthly of $1256 +/- which is quite reasonable. Reasonable monthly's + it being a condo will command a price slightly higher than some of the earlier guesses, but not too high with the wack-a-doodle bedrooms. No mention of the floor number, or the views out of the windows. So ... my guess is between $1,250 and $1,350 ft and I will go with the later as an "ask" price. Therefore ... $1,150,200 rounded down to ... my FINAL ANSWER of $1,150,000. BUT... with a windowless kitchen AND windowless living area ... it will close at a lower price!If this was a Curbed classroom quiz we'd give almost full credit for showing the work on that answer, even if it hadn't been exactly correct.
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