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Long-Delayed Hell's Kitchen Building Re-Emerges as Rentals

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The tower at 785 Eighth Avenue, aka 306 West 48th Street, has had about as many potential uses as it's possible to have in NYC real estate: a 45-unit condo building, a hotel called the Graves Hotel, and even corporate rentals. The most recent rumor identified the units as regular old rentals, and a tipster pointed us to the project's official website. Folks: it's here! There are nine active listings on StreetEasy so far, ranging from $3,625/month for a studio to a reduced $7,200/month for a 2BR. The building is going by the name Icon. We've put a few listing photos in the gallery above (there are some floorplans on the building site).
Here's the current slate of prices:

Amenities include a gym, concierge, and "landscaped sky deck." The look of the place is underwhelming, but it's nice to see something happening here after all this time.
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785 Eighth Avenue

785 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10036