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443 Greenwich Getting Its Residential Conversion at Last?

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The economic meltdown got in the way of a plan to convert Tribeca's 443 Greenwich Street into a luxury condo-hotel. But this summer, a new owner?a company called SGN, headed by Metro Loft Management's Nathan Berman?bought the property, and now plans are in the works again for a building conversion. The new owners' lawyer went before Community Board 1 last night to discuss a permit renewal for the building, and Tribeca Citizen has the (somewhat confusing!) details. The original permit called for a residential and/or hotel conversion with up to 120 hotel rooms, but it sounds like the new owners are more interested in a purely residential conversion.

That conversion would include 80 to 100 units, of an average of 2,500 square feet. The hotel option is still on the table, but CB1 approved the permit renewal on the condition that the developer not include a hotel. (CB1's vote is just advisory, so that doesn't mean much.) Neighbors still have plenty of concerns about traffic increases and about the possible gating of an alley on the building's east side, but this one seems likely to move forward.
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443 Greenwich St

443 Greenwich Street, Manhattan, NY 10013