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Vows of Poverty Frowned Upon at Rectory-Turned-Rentals

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Visitors were welcomed into the old St. Vincent de Paul Church rectory in Williamsburg yesterday, but it wasn't part of a church social. The four-story rectory building has been converted to 10 rental units—each of them 3BRs. The most expensive apartment ($5,250 a month) is located on the former parlor floor of the rectory and features high ceilings to accomodate the gothic-style church windows that look out onto North Sixth Street. The floors of this unit were made from the milled remains of the beams removed from St. Vincent's Church next door, which is undergoing its own conversion experience. Replacing a stoop in front of the parlor-floor entrance to the rectory is now an exterior building vestibule finished in weathered steel panels. The interior staircase between apartments features a grey wood wainscoting, which is an unexpected touch that looks nice paired with the building's brick. We were told the building would be ready for occupancy tomorrow, but it looks like a lot of finishing work needs to be done before moving-in day.
· 167 North Sixth Street [Nestseekers via StreetEasy]

167 North Sixth Street

167 North Sixth Street, Brooklyn, NY