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Beautiful Cobble Hill House Might Just Deserve Its $6M Ask

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It's the week for trying to best one's neighbors with a hefty townhouse ask, apparently. 356 Sackett Street, Carroll Gardens' current most expensive townhouse, hit the market earlier this week for $4.099 million. Now it's Cobble Hill's turn, with this new listing for 223 Warren Street. The asking price is $6 million, and if we had those dollars, we'd hand over every one.
The house was built circa 1880, but the place has been renovated by Resolution 4: Architecture (there are more images on the architect's site), with landscaping by Foras Studio. So there's a combination of historic bits (pocket doors, etched glass doors, moldings, marble fireplaces) and modern mix-ins, like the two-story extension to the house. There's room for further expansion, with an additional 4,000 square feet of FAR available, but really, why would you use it? Our only quibble: there's no elevator. Here's the floorplan:

UPDATE: A tipster points out that the house will also be featured as part of Dwell Home Tours, a weekend event in October.

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