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Inside Avenue D's Newest Rental Apartments at Arabella 101

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Parties: We like them! Invite us to yours!

Event: Rooftop reveal cocktail party at Arabella 101
In the house: We arrived pre-people, but brokers began to trickle in as we were leaving
Dress code: Last days of summer
Music: Smooth tunes, played by a Dermot Company employee who DJs on the side
Menu: Crostinis were the central food of the evening.

The Skinny: We've already seen photos of the model unit and amenities spaces, but this was our first time seeing them for real, after a long walk over to Avenue D from Curbed HQ. The apartments sit atop the new Lower East Side Girls Club space.

The interior design was actually done by the listing agent, Wayne McClanahan, who does interior design as a hobby. (We didn't see any of the affordable units, which have a different set of finishes.) The amenity spaces are almost done, as is the 12th floor, the last to be finished. The roof deck is awaiting its grill. There are a few units still available?the model unit, furnished, will probably be the last to go.
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Arabella 101

101 Avenue D, New York, NY 10009