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Line Up in The Street to See New Condos in Williamsburg

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We like parties! Invite us to yours.

The Event: Open house at 112 South 2nd Street in Williamsburg
In The House: at least 250 people who waited in line outside on South 2nd Street to get their chance to examine the block's latest modern walk-up
Dress Code: none
Menu: Wine and hand-sized Dumont Burgers
Music: the slow drumbeat of desperation among ready buyers
Overheard: "What do you think? This is a lot of money." "Yeah, but not my money."

People literally lined up in the street last night in Williamsburg, waiting for a chance to walk through the 8-unit modern condo building at 112 South 2nd Street. Unit prices range from $699K to $485K on StreetEasy and the team from Aptsandlofts appeared ready to start accepting checks on the spot. It's hard to make an apartment look spacious when 250 people have been invited over for a party, but judicious crowd control and double-height ceilings kept things non-claustrophobic. Backyard spaces are boxed in for privacy reasons, but lend the impression that you've been placed in a large shoebox diorama by a giant "Twilight Zone" second grader. A real treat awaits on the roof, however, where the view of the midtown skyline is surprisingly impressive. Early word from the morning after is that the sponsors accepted five offers on units in the building, and are sifting through additional deals this morning. So it's just that easy.
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