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Neighborhood Beefs

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So that zoning issue with the Nolitan actually has nothing to do with the height of the building (the structure is 84'11" tall, under the required 85'). The problem hinges on unclear wording in the zoning code as to whether or not a mezzanine is counted as a story. As such, the Nolitan's mezzanine has been blocked off and unused since the hotel opened. Nothing about the physical structure will change when this issue is resolved, but the mezzanine's use is up for debate. The hotel had plans for two more rooms on that floor, but last night at the CB2 meeting, angry neighbors said they don't want it to be used at all. They also said it's ugly. [CurbedWire Staff; previously]

The Nolitan

30 Kenmare Street, New York, NY 10012