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4,000-Square-Foot Soho Loft Attempts $2.5 Million Flip

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If gigantic, beautiful Soho lofts with extremely high-end finishes are your thing, look no further than the fourth floor of 60 Greene Street. Just be prepared to shell out $7,250,000, which is what the current owner, a "global businessman" and former squash player, has decided it's worth after paying $4,750,000 for it in 2009 (after it was listed for $6,250,000—apparently, zero lessons have been learned.) While the ask might be a little ambitious, the apartment itself is not messing around. It's almost 4,000 square feet of open space punctuated with wood columns, plus three bathrooms, two walled-off bedrooms, an office, and a sizable dressing room. We'll take it.

· Listing: 60 Greene Street #4FL [Elliman]