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Soho Loft Looks Like An Apple Store, Costs $30K/Month

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Earlier this week, when we featured the fourth floor of 60 Greene Street, readers for the most part agreed that it was a nice apartment, but had one qualm. "An entire forest must have died to make this. Too much wood for me," wrote commenter bookface. "I love wood," wrote an anonymous commenter, "but the style of the wood looks a bit too 'country' for me." It seems that the prayers of those commenters have been answered as another full-floor unit the same building has come to market. This one is a floor below and it's a rental, going for $30,000/month. It's a lot like the other one, but with significantly less wood! And significantly more white, which kind of gives it the appearance of an Apple Store. But maybe you could use that to your advantage and make a lot of lame jokes about how the kitchen counter is the "genius bar." Highlights of the 3,900-square-foot loft include a 72-inch drop down TV screen, some sort of indoor rock garden, and bathtub shrouded in glass walls, which is probably best used when you don't have company over.

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