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It's Always Sunny in a $1.4M Prospect Park West Apartment

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Weekend open house snooping is a time-honored tradition. We periodically check in on random open houses around the city, just to stay sharp.

Event: Open house at 75 Prospect Park West and 3rd Street in Park Slope.
In The House: A few serious buyers with their eye on park-frontage and room for a growing family.
Dress Code: Shorts with scarves, and outfits past summer's expiration date.
Menu: Fresh Park Slope air
Music: The subtle sound of Prospect Park West bike-lane passive aggression out the windows.
Overheard: "The other unit felt more open, maybe it's the contemporary furniture."

This 3-bedroom on the second floor of 75 Prospect Park West had a slightly angelic feeling with all of the sunlight coming through the windows. The unit is on the market for $1.4 million, and according to the broker, the maintenance fees are "quite low" for what you're getting. Its best feature is the front-facing views of the park, although being on the second floor allows for some street noise to waft in. Just put on the market on Wednesday, this was the first large showing. Success seemed possible as there were less snooping Slopers, and more active buyers present. There is less turnover in large units like this by the Park, so it's a bit rare to see a space like this come available. So get those checkbooks out before it's too late.

· Listing: 75 Prospect Park West #2A [Corcoran]