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West 82nd Street Condo Conversion Approved By CB7

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Office for Design & Architecture's Christian Bailey presented plans for 176-182 West 82nd Street, the four Upper West Side buildings purchased by The Naftali Group, to Community Board 7 on Thursday. Bailey revealed that Naftali and ODA's plans for the building, which is located within the Upper West Side Central Park West Historic Distric, include reducing the number of dwelling units from twenty to eleven and adding a "modest" 5,546-square-foot rooftop penthouse, which they would make "as invisible as possible." The board was surprisingly okay with that, although they did worry that the building would "not have enough masonry to visually support the addition." A couple board members of the neighboring 172 West 82nd Street were in attendance, however, and they did have a few qualms.

The board members made it known that a) they were happy that the long-dilapidated building was being restored and hopeful that this would put an end to the rat problem, b) 176-182 had "outstanding financial obligations to our building," and c) they were concerned about the rooftop addition blocking the sight lines from their terraces. Bailey was mildly sympathetic but mostly nonplussed.

Ultimately, the Community Board unanimously approved the plans while simultaneously expressing displeasure that they had not been provided with a mockup to review. They decided to add their suggestions to the resolution, prompting one member to grumble, "everything we do is a suggestion." The Naftali Group and ODA will take their plans to LPC at some point during the coming months.

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176-182 West 82nd Street

176-182 West 82nd Street, New York, NY