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Could You Use $13 Million Worth of Chelsea Fresh Air?

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Penthouse E at the Vesta on West 17th Street in Chelsea is the only apartment in the building that's a duplex, and the two levels allow a lot of space to spread out the 3BR/2.5BA floor plan. Of course it helps when there is almost 3,600 square feet of space to utilize. And if things get too stuffy inside, one can always retire to the outdoor terraces that cover another 1,350 square feet of space looking to the south and east. The broker photos make residence look like an ideal place for entertaining and/or displaying art. It doesn't come cheap, however. In addition to the $13 million price tag, taxes and common charges total about $9,500 a month.

201 W. 17th St.

201 West 17th Street, New York, NY 10011