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How to Make a Killing on The American Stock Exchange

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We called it a FiDi frenzy when 86 Trinity Place and 22 Thames Street were purchased by Michael Steinhardt and Allan Fried a year and and a half ago for $65 million. The pair were going to turn the former American Stock Exchange buildings into retail stores, a 60 story rental tower, and a boutique hotel. Allan Fried was even making nice with the Landmarks Preservation Commission in response to advocacy for the protection of 86 Trinity Place, praising the building's "exuberant Art Deco facade." But what are stock exchanges for, but to make quick killings, which is what Fried and Steinhardt did last week when they sold the buildings to the Fisher Brothers for $150 million, according to The Real Deal. Ka-Ching!
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86 Trinity Place

86 Trinity Place, New York, NY

86 Trinity Place, New York, NY