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$85M Penthouse in Vinoly's Superscraper Will be 8,255 Sq. Ft.

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New York's future tallest building, Rafael Vinoly's residential skyscraper at 432 Park Avenue, is barely rising from the ground, but brokers are already salivating over the pricy units. The Journal reports that public records filed with the city give some details about the size of the condos, which will fetch an average of $5,941 per square foot. That means that the 8,255-square-foot, six bedroom penthouse will ask $85 million. The penthouse will sit 1,302 feet above street level, making it the highest occupied space in the city, and even though it will technically be on the 78th floor, its floor will be called the 95th because the building skips some stories.

Ceilings in all of the 122 units will have 12.5' ceilings, and the building will have a private club with a pool, a residents-only restaurant, a circular drive, and a garden. The building's foundation is complete, beams will start rising any day, and a show room should be open by year's end. If all goes as planned, the billionaires will be moving in sometime in 2015.
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432 Park Avenue

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