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MLS Flushing Stadium Supporters 'Have the Upper Hand'

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Following on the Journal's report that community groups are fighting against the proposal for a Major League Soccer stadium in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Crain's reports that those in support of the arena seem to be winning the fight. Local business owners, park vendors, elected officials, and soccer fans all think the stadium would bring more economic activity and be "a win-win for Queens."

The $300 million, 20,000-seat stadium would occupy a part of the park called the Pool of Industry, a feature of the 1964 World's Fair that once held 10,000 tons of water and a gigantic fountain. Now, the water is stagnant and smelly and home to only a few geese and fish. Despite it's decrepit state, park advocates say that razing the Pool of Industry would be a big mistake. MLS is still meeting with officials to work out a deal, but they've definitely won over some locals by promising to refurbish nine of the park's well-worn soccer fields. Crain's sources say that construction could start as soon as next year, and the arena could be open for the start of the 2014 season.
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Photo of Flushing soccer fields by Larry Rowe via Flickr CC