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Bond Street PH With Weird Open Master Bedroom Asks $3.7M

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At first glance, this 3BR/3BA penthouse duplex at 1 Bond Street, the lovely Robbins & Appleton Building, looks like a stunner?sixteen-foot ceilings, large windows, French shutters, historic details. But look a little closer, and wait a minute, those decorative arches open into the master bedroom, which opens to the apartment below. And there are roof rights, but no direct roof access from the unit. And then there is that weird platform in the master bedroom?what is that, why does it exist, and does the step-stool come with the condo? Is the apartment's beauty and location enough to warrant the $3,775,000 price tag or is the odd layout a dealbreaker?

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1 Bond Street

1 Bond Street, New York, NY 10002