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Hang Out in a Fancy NYC Home; Real Estate Facebook Games

NEW YORK CITY?If you can't afford a multi-million dollar home in New York, perhaps hanging out in one would be sufficient consolation. Dwell and New York Magazine are hosting a weekend of modern home tours in Manhattan and Brooklyn, opening up some of the city's best-designed homes to the public (like the Cobble Hill townhouse pictured above). Tickets cost $120 per day, but you can by-pass that by volunteering. Volunteers get placed in one of the swanky homes for a day, and they get some free swag as a thank you, including a ticket to day of home tours. [CurbedWire; official]

THE INTERNET? launched a Facebook game to test customers' knowledge of New York City real estate. The goal is to correctly place six iconic Manhattan residents on a map, and at the end, it says things like "You should pick up a guidebook next time you're in Times Square" to kindly let you know how property-smart (or stupid) you are. We'd like to say we got them all correct, but then we'd be lying. [CurbedWire; official]