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Village Hospital Building-Turned-Condo Has Plenty for Rent

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The first rental unit popped onto the market at 130 West 12th Street in early August, and now the rental floodgates are wide open. There are five units on the rental market at the moment, according to StreetEasy, ranging from an 869-square-foot 1BR asking a reduced $7,300/month to a 1,930-square-foot 3BR asking $25,000/month. There's also one apartment for sale in the building, which sold out in July. But the listing itself identifies the unit as being in contract, so it's unclear whether there's already a flip attempt happening here. (The ask is $4.995 million, and an earlier ask was $3.675 million.)
A few more closings have hit public record since we last checked. Here's the recent slate of closing prices:

· 130 West 12th Street [StreetEasy]
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130 West 12th St

130 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10011