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Five-Story Lenox Hill House Returns to Market for $22.5M

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This 6,730-square-foot, 143-year-old townhouse was purchased by an anonymous buyer in 2006 for $6,878,950, renovated, and re-listed with Sotheby's in 2010 for $26,000,000. That didn't work out as planned, however—the house lingered on the market for two years, during which its asking price was lowered three times, eventually to $22,500,000. Now, the owner has decided to give another brokerage a chance and has turned the listing over to Brown Harris Stevens, who have updated it with some very intriguing brokerbabble.

The new brokerbabble highlights some of the house's more unique features, including its four separate outdoor spaces (two terraces and two gardens.) The only mention it makes of the most recent renovation, however, is, "The planning that went into the renovation and decoration is akin to creating a classic piece of jewelry." That sounds nice, but it isn't really expanded upon. We guess it means that the renovation was done very carefully? How is jewelry made, exactly? Other highlights include the "elliptical copper bay window" and the stair from the kitchen to the dining room "allowing for discrete food service." Unfortunately, the brokerbabble is cut off at precisely 400 words, but it seems like there's even more to say.

· Listing: 116 East 70th Street [Brown Harris Stevens]

116 East 70th Street

116 East 70th Street, New York, NY 10021