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Cornerspotted: Herbert at Richardson Street in Brooklyn

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Congratulations Dustin, whose early guess identifying yesterday's Cornerspotter as the intersection of Herbert and Richardson Streets in Brooklyn was correct, and withstood an onslaught of contrary comments. Our winner was first to the finish line, but a lot of other commenters bolstered his case. Guest #9 noted:

"Overhead trolley wires means it isn't Manhattan (trolleys ran via underground power source in Manhattan, which was mandatory by law). Most likely Williamsburg or some other area of NW Brooklyn." Guest #15 applauded Dustin:

Very good eye! Buildings in the center of pic match up perfectly. Structures on left side were probably demolished to make way for BQE. The spire of St. Ceceli's Church can be seen in background. Well done!That is the spire of St. Ceclia's in the background, which is the only landmark we could allude to in our hint, as the BQE had not been constructed yet. Thanks for playing everyone!
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