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Imagining a Roosevelt Island Olympics for Summer 2024

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Welcome back to Redesign the City, a feature in which University of Edinburgh architecture graduate William Weber reimagines how NYC neighborhoods and buildings could be improved or how they might look in the future. Have a building you want us to re-envision? Want to submit a rendering of your own? Please be in touch.

New York lost out on its bid to host the 2012 Summer Olympics?a bid that would have transformed NYC architecture?but the city is still a potential host for the summer games in 2024. So for the latest installment of our Redesign the City feature, our rendering-creator William Weber took a look at what an NYC Olympics might look at in 2024. As for where to put the various Olympic venues, how about Roosevelt Island? Take a look at the proposed design above.

Weber explains: "New bridges connect Manhattan to Brooklyn. There is a marina just south of the olympic stadium." The Olympic stadium and marina would be just the latest in a series of new additions to Roosevelt Island, following the new Four Freedoms Park and the future Cornell campus. In fact, Roosevelt Island could become Morphosis central, if the architecture firm (already designing the first Cornell building) wanted to try another Olympic Village design.

For comparison's sake, here's an overhead rendering of Roosevelt Island now:

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