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Who Listed This West Village Townhouse Better?

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Welcome to our feature where we take a co-exclusive listing (an apartment listed by two brokers from different agencies) and ask the question: Who Listed It Better? Send any suggestions in to the tipline.

50 Morton Street is a 4,000-square-foot West Village townhouse containing six apartments, three of which are free market, two of which are rent controlled, and one of which is rent stabilized. It was listed last week by two brokerages for $6,100,000. So, Who Listed It Better?

Elliman Sotheby's
The Location "Located in an enclave on a quintessential winding village street, this Anglo Italianate townhouse is perfectly situated between Bedford and Hudson Streets." "It is located on a winding, tree-lined West Village street."
The History "Built in 1854 for Thaddeus Hyatt, a patent vault manufacturer and developer, Mr. Hyatt built the 4 five story houses on this row." "It is one of four architecturally significant, matching and adjoining sister houses.
The Penthouse "It was for many years an artist atelier with high sklit windows, fireplaces and 13 foot ceilings." "Sun-flooded."

Sotheby's wins a few points here for its commitment to brevity—who cares that the guy the house was built for was a patent vault manufacturer and developer? The only thing that information is good for is boring your house guests. However, it might take that commitment a little too far when it declines to say anything about the interiors of any of the apartments. The final nail in the coffin is when Sotheby's forgets about one of the free market apartments (they say that there are two free markets, two rent controlled, and one rent stabilized; however, on the floorplan there appear to be six total apartments. Elliman's breakdown is three, two, one.) Therefore, Elliman wins this round.

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50 Morton Street

50 Morton Street, New York, NY 10014