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Are Developer 'Animals' Making a Comeback in Turtle Bay?

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In the immediate aftermath of the 2008 crane collapse accident that occurred on Second Avenue, Linda Stasi railed against "animal" developers who were destroying her beloved Turtle Bay neighborhood by turning it into a canyon. Thanks to that multi-fatality accident and the economic collapse that followed quickly on its heels, Turtle Bay was saved from rampant development as vacant building lots sit still. Things may be picking up again though after a four-year hiatus. The sign above is for the now-defunct Crescendo building at 950 Second Avenue. "Thank you for your patience," it says, if you were awaiting that expected and long-passed completion date of December 15, 2009. Part of the crane collapsed on the building site, halting work for several months. The Mennolly Group never got the project started again, and sold the lot between 50th and 51st Streets to the Fishman Group in August 2011. Fishman may or may not be planning to build condos, but demolition work recently began on the lot-adjacent building that occupies the corner of 50th Street and Second Avenue. There is currently still a stop work order for 950 Second Avenue filed at the Dept. of Buildings.

Meanwhile, rumors that the building where the crane collapsed occurred would have its balconies removed by jack hammers put some neighbors on edge, but nothing appears to be happening at that address either.
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950 Second Avenue

950 Second Avenue, New York, NY