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Here Now, a Glass-Floored Perry Street Rental for $80K/Month

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People who have glass floors shouldn't throw stones, but apparently they should try to rent out their apartments for $80,000/month. That's the ask on this rental at 165 Perry Street, which hit the market last week. The brokerbabble, oddly enough, doesn't mention the glass floors, but perhaps that's because there are a few other things going on here. The 8,700-square-foot pad has another 5,325 square feet of outdoor space and a 3,000-square-foot private garage that "easily fits 6 full size cars (valet 14 cars). Private elevator operates between the garage and the concierge office of the residence." There are currently 4BRs (and no floorplan here's the floorplan), but the place can "easily convert" to a 6BR. One of those extra bedrooms might be useful for storing the apartment's needed supply of Windex.
· Listing: 165 Perry Street [Citi Habitats]

165 Perry Street

165 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014