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Democratic San Remo Gives Big Bucks to Romney

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At one point during the 2004 election, the San Remo residence at 145 Central Park West was the single most giving address to Democratic causes. This is no surprise considering its located on the Upper West Side, a historically blue district, but this year, things are a little different. The Times reports that residents of the building have donated $395,000 to Romney's campaign and just $112,000 to Obama's. This is particularly surprising considering that Democratic National Committee's treasurer lives in the building. "I've been trying not to alienate my neighbors too much," he said, "but I guess I'm not doing my job."

One Republican resident outgave all his blue neighbors by himself, donating $200,000?two-thirds the price he paid for his San Remo apartment 30 years ago. But the shift isn't as great as it seems. Since lots of people living in the San Remo have multiple residences throughout the country (who doesn't?), several have donated to the Obama campaign using addresses in other states. Add in all that cash, and the Democrats still have the upper hand.
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San Remo photo by Joel Raskin/Curbed photo pool

San Remo

145 Central Park W, New York, NY 10023