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Kickstarting Photographer Ready to Appreciate Park Ave.

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After living 20 years on the boulevard of unbroken dreams—Park Avenue—photographer J.P. Smith is ready to publish an insider's account of the tree-lined broad street with an "infamous aura." The inspiration came after years working with beautiful models in a controlled environment like a photo studio. It was time to get out on the streets! That's why he has established a Kickstarter account to help fund the creation and publication of his book (produced in collaboration with A.L. Fowler), The Progression of Park Avenue, As Seen through the Eyes of A New Yorker. Tourists will love it. New Yorkers will talk about it. And just a $40 pledge will get backers an actual copy of the book when it is published, with their name listed on the supporters page.
· The Progression of Park Avenue [Kickstarter]