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Park Avenue Penthouse Holds Fast at $25 Million

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A wraparound terrace can both giveth and taketh away. And this terrace at 975 Park Avenue really does wrap around. Save for obstructions at the western and southeastern sections, one could run laps around the outside of the 5BR/4BA prewar coop at 83rd Street. A downside to all that outside space is that the terrace's brick wall tends to fill up the window-views of every room in the apartment, especially since the floors of the apartment are sunken two steps below the level of the terrace. All the bedrooms have those steps and a door that gives access to the outdoors, however, so it's hardly like this sprawling apartment is claustrophobic. Inventory for properties in this price range are relatively low these days, and there's strong demand from foreign buyers. Maybe that's why the seller—who picked up the penthouse pre-renovation in 2007 for $9 million—isn't budging on the price. The seller just swapped Sotheby's for Elliman as the listing broker after almost a year and half on the market with no takers—but no pricechopping here. It's $25 million, take it or leave it.

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975 Park Avenue

975 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10028