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Five New Facts (Sort of) About the Mystery Buyers at One57

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Developer Gary Barnett has been cagey, sorta, about who actually bought the $90M+ penthouse at One57. We know the buyer is a "'a very nice family' who plans to use the penthouse as a residence, and as 'someone that people would recognize.'" Another Times piece today on the building and its buyers provides a few more tantalizing non-facts about One57s future residents. Such as:

1) At least three owners of apartments at 15 Central Park West have signed contracts at One57.

2) The buyers of the full-floor apartments (nine have sold already) are all billionaires, and they are "several Americans, two buyers from China, a Canadian, a Nigerian, and a Briton." Several are "'significant Forbes billionaires,'" according to Barnett.

3) The Times checked out an under-construction, already-sold 6,240-square-foot apartment on the 85th floor. The buyer is "an American who already owned 'some of the best real estate in the world,' including two 'very significant' places in New York,' said Nikki Field, the Sotheby's International Realty broker who represented the buyer."

4) But not everyone gets to buy at One57 just because they have the money, and Barnett is perfectly willing to name names of prospective buyers he's turned down: Nick Candy, developer of London's One Hyde Park, whose deal fell through "after Mr. Barnett refused to give Mr. Candy the right to flip an apartment before construction was completed."

5) There's one other rejectee Barnett named: trophy property collector Michael Hirtenstein, who "paid a One57 construction worker to shoot a video that he said revealed that his view on the 47th floor would be partly blocked by the neighboring Essex House sign."

Given this fresh intel on the building, anyone have guesses about who these mystery buyers are?
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