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Brooklyn Heights Residents Upset About Dog Poop, Rats

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Looks like it's the time of the season for typing up passive aggressive notices and sticking them all over your neighborhood. In Brooklyn Heights this weekend, residents covered two of the all time most popular angry sign topics: the improper disposal of dog poop, and the presence of rats. The dog poop note reads as follows:

To Whom It May Concern:
Thank you for picking up after your dog.
Now, what to do with that trash?
Please be responsible and respectful and:
1) take it home to your trash bin, or
2) place it in the public trash bin on the corner Please DO NOT put it:
1) in your neighbor's plastic recycling
2) in you neighbor's paper recycling
3) in your neighbor's trash
4) in the planters or tree pits on the street
5) ever so neatly on top of your neighbor's trash
6) on the sidewalk

Thank you,
Brian @ 31

If this message does not apply to you, please disregard.

Wait, people actually do that?

In the note concerning rats, we kind of wish they'd stuck with the sarcastic helping-out-the-rats approach through the whole thing, but maybe that's just us. Remember, street signers: consistent tone goes a long way!

Be Hospitable: They are your neighbors! Throwing your garbage on the street is a boon to your good neighbors, the rats, who are rapidly infiltrating our blocks and congregating on our street corners. But it's inconsiderate to the rest of us.

The message is clear: Please despot [sic] your garbage in airtight containers! It's the right thing — and the legal thing — to do!

Taken separately, these notes are pretty straightforward, but together they could get confusing. You want us to throw some things in the garbage and not other things in some garbages? Okay, probably not.

As an added bonus, here's another note that appeared yesterday on the same street. Props to this one for describing a horde of rats as a "retinue."

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