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Public Art for Barclays Center; Beacon Towers Finally Sell Out

[All photos courtesy ArtBridge.]

PROSPECT HEIGHTS?The Barclays Center is opening tomorrow, and ArtBridge has helped make the site a little prettier by commissioning artists to create large-scale prints that will cover 2,000 square feet of the chain-link construction fence. Forest City Ratner paid for the installation, which spans 267 linear feet along 6th Avenue between Dean and Pacific Streets. The photos above show the artworks being installed. [CurbedWire Inbox; official]

HARLEM?Beacon Towers had to use quite a few sales gimmicks (including paying people to live in the building) to get here, but the central Harlem development has finally sold out. The 8-story co-op at 29 West 138th Street has 73 residences, and the final two units are now in contract. Congratulations, Beacon! [Harlem Bespoke; previously]

29 West 138th Street

29 West 138th Street, New York, NY