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Brooklyn 1BR and 2BR Rents Continue to Rise in August

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It's a few weeks until the quarterly market report comes out, but there's some advance intel in the form of the latest Brooklyn monthly rental market report from brokerage MNS. Key facts: rents for 1BR and 2BR apartments rose slightly, by 1.2 percent for 1BRs, to an average of $2,415/month, and 0.73 percent for 2BRs, to an average of $3,083/month. Dumbo remains the borough's priciest 'hood, not surprisingly, with an average studio price of $3,188 and rents rising from there. Studios in Boerum Hill got a lot pricier, too, with a 10 percent rent increase between July and August. Bargain-seekers might want to check out Bed-Stuy, where rents have been dropping lately.

Here are a few more neighborhood numbers and year-over-year statistics:

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