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Totally Broke Pier 40 Inexplicably Offering $100,000 Prize

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Sometimes the best way to stop hemorrhaging cash is to throw money at a problem like you're running a game show. OK, that might not be the best way, but that's how the city is moving forward to save crumbling Pier 40 and the Hudson River Park it's dragging below water with it. DNAinfo reports that the New York Economic Development Council is kicking off a NYC waterfront construction competition called "Change the Course". The contestant who comes up with the best plan to salvage and repurpose Pier 40—whose rehabilitation is estimated to cost more than $100 million—and sustain the Hudson River Park financially in the future will win $100,000. Runner-up plans will also walk away with tens of thousands of dollars in prize money. We wonder if Fred Durst will throw his valet parking plan into the competition's ring? He seemed pretty confident about it the other week. Someone please re-submit Vegas on The Hudson plan, because it's been too long.
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