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Crushed Velvet and a Palm Tree at the Dakota for $2 Million

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With all the PriceChopping and lawsuits and musical theater history going on in the big apartments at The Dakota, no one pays much attention to the attic units. That all changed this afternoon, when a Curbed operative showed us the new listing for The Dakota's #80A, a teensy attic unit asking an eye-popping $2 million. What really makes the eyes pop, actually, is the decor, a rather hideous mix of palm trees, stripes, and a butterscotch-colored crushed velvet.

The listing doesn't include square footage, but we're guessing from the size of the floorplan that this pad is a former servant's place. Feast your eyes:

· Listing: 1 West 72nd Street [BHS via StreetEasy]
· The Dakota coverage [Curbed]

The Dakota

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