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Is There Any NYC Real Estate Actually Worth $95 Million?

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Welcome to Friday Open Threads, wherein we'll pass the mic to readers to speak up about topics of interest, distress, horror, etc. Have something you want discussed? Let us know.

First, the City Spire penthouse was listed for $100 million. Then a five bedroom combo at 15 Central Park West hit the market for $95 million. Two days later, a duplex at 50 Central Park South was also listed for $95 million. And now, there is yet another $95 million listing, this time at the Sherry-Netherland on Fifth Avenue. That makes four $95M+ listings in less than two months, which begs the question: are these properties actually worth this kind of money? In fact, is there any property in New York City worth $95 million? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments.
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Photo of the $95M listing at 50 Central Park South

50 Central Park South

50 Central Park South, New York, NY


781 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10019