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Plans Filed for Latest Aspect of St. Vincent's Redevelopment

The residents of 131 West 11th Street have been putting up a fight against Rudin Management, the redevelopers of St. Vincent's, refusing to allow Rudin's workers to install scaffolding and a sidewalk shed while Rudin does construction next door. And about that construction next door?a tipster has drawn our attention to some DOB documents that explain what Rudin's got in the works. The permit, filed this week, calls for 200 apartments on West 11th Street, plus five single-family townhouses. There are a few amenities mentioned on the Schedule A, too: bicycle storage, a "fitness center training floor," "fitness center training studios," a swimming pool, a golf room, mail, package, and cold storage rooms, and a screening and entertainment room. Anyone hear more or have images? We're listening.
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131 West 11th Street

131 West 11th Street, New York, NY

133 West 11th Street

133 West 11th Street, New York, NY