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David Hyde Pierce and Husband Quietly Build UWS Empire

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Actor David Hyde Pierce, of Fraiser fame, is slowly taking over the prewar co-op at 260 West End Avenue with his husband, David Hargrove. The Observer reports that the couple recently purchased unit 16A in the building for $1.9 million, making them the proud owners of not one, not two, but three apartments in the building. They first purchased the building's penthouse in 2005 for $2.5 million, then they picked up the adjacent 3.5-room 16C for $772,000 a year later. Unit 16A was not listed publicly, but StreetEasy shows a listing for 15A and 16A for $3.75 million, so it seems like the couple negotiated to buy just half of that set since public records only show the purchase of 16A.

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