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Could Roosevelt Island's Power Plant Be Made Into a Museum?

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Roosevelt Island's power plant, which provides energy for two hospitals, could be shut down when Cornell's tech campus replaces Goldwater Hospital on the southern tip of the island. Officials have not announced any plans to close the active plant, but architect Tad Sudol, a resident of the island for 21 years, believes they should. Why? He thinks the building, with its outdated, oil-burning technology, would be much better served as a museum. He's currently sharing his vision for a Museum of Technology, Art and Science at the Roosevelt Island Artists Association gallery.

DNAinfo reports that Sudol's plan takes after the Tate Modern in London, which is also housed in a former power plant. Sudol's museum would keep the plant's old machinery in place to be displayed alongside newer, more efficient energy-producing modes. Officials wouldn't comment on his idea since the plant is still active, and Sudol admitted that he doesn't know how much it would cost or who would pay for it. But that's not bringing him down: "Everything costs money. But all of these problems could be solved. You are not building something new."
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