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Architects Imagine New Future for Bronx's Cass Gilbert Station

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The folks at SLO Architecture?they of the floating umbrella dome and a New Practices New York Award?are hoping to gather support for a new proposal: a makeover for the South Bronx's Westchester Avenue Station, designed by Cass Gilbert and built in 1908. The station is currently in a state of extreme disrepair, and Amtrak, on whose Northeast Corridor the building now sits, has thought about demolishing it. SLO Architecture would prefer to turn the building into an entrance to Concrete Plant Park. One of the architects tells us: "Our proposal seeks to create this entrance to the park--with the idea also to provide much needed restrooms to the Park--while transporting part of the historical structure (the part that sits on top of the tracks) over to the Bronx River, within Concrete Plant Park, to become an amenity for the waterways and the Bronx River Greenway." The architects will be speaking about the proposal (shown above) at the Center for Architecture on Thursday.

Here's the station now, as seen from the Lower Bronx River:

And here's another, wider rendering of the proposal:

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