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Inside the Sherry Netherland's New $95 Million Listing

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Another $95 million apartment hit the market late last week, the 18th-floor of the Sherry Netherland. Listings in that price range are almost routine these days?but still, it's up to each fresh listing's photos and brokerbabble to justify that astronomical price tag. Now that the Sherry Netherland listing is live, we can investigate whether it has done so. Our preliminary answer? No. The view from the terrace is certainly impressive, but the interior decor is a little painful on the eyes. And the brokerbabble doesn't really make much of a case for forking over the requested cash:

Honestly, New York has never had such an apartment made available. Five rooms and the enormous western terrace directly overlook Central Park; six rooms, including the eat-in kitchen and formal dining room, overlook the southern terrace and the heart of midtown Manhattan; the master bedroom suite and private terrace look north to Central Park and the Upper East Side. The acquisition of this property is much more than a real estate transaction; it is the fulfillment of a lifestyle dream. Usually, our lifestyle dreams involve being given $95 million, not giving it to someone else.

There's no floorplan on the listing, but a tipster discovered an old version in the Columbia real estate brochures collection. Our tipster explains: "the master bedroom is rooms 11, 12, and 13. You can see the door to the north terrace in the pic. And the bedroom with the fireplace is the south east corner bedroom with the door to the south terrace that is marked room 10 on the plan. The main living rooms are obviously along the fifth avenue frontage."

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781 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10019