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Lovely West Village Renovation Seeks Nearly $13M This Time

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'Tis a day for attempted flips of renovated townhouses. And this one, at 307 West 4th Street, might be the winner from a renovation standpoint. When it sold last year for $5.5 million, it didn't have many modern or opulent touches aside from the flatscreen over the bedroom fireplace. The furniture shown in the new listing pics still isn't much to get excited about, but opulence? Right here. There's a Calacatta gold marble wet bar on the parlor floor, ipe wood fencing around the irrigated garden, and silver travertine "complete with snow melt technology." Even the cellar has silver travertine heated flooring. The new price is $12.995 million.

Here's the current floorplan:

At its last listing, the house appeared to have approximately none of those features. That listing lives on with a dedicated website. What it looked like in those long ago days of last year:

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